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Our classes provide more than tumbling and acrobatics skills

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From the director

As the Director of Totally Tumbling And Tricks, I'm very passionate about helping kids reach their full potential. I believe that our classes are more than just a range of skills. 

Many students come to us with the desire to learn specific skills. Others are here to unwind after school, have fun with friends, gain confidence, be inspired to express themselves, feel supported and safe and to just hang out in a place that really gets them.

All of our students have their own unique needs for expression, and it's our great privilege to offer support, guidance and encouragement. We know that during their time with us, our students gain life skills and a solid foundation for adulthood.

I believe our students have a strong work ethic; they're committed and present themselves with confidence, kindness and empathy.

We're more than just a Tumbling And Acrobatics studio. We're passionate about well-rounded human beings who go on to have happy, healthy and productive lives. And if some of our students along the way take on the worlds stage, then we'll be the first to cheer them on from the wings.

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Our Promise

Totally Tumbling And Tricks live to serve and guide our students to discover their full potential while sharing our love of being upside down. 


We promise to give our students the help and support they require to feel confident and comfortable as they learn new skills safely, in an encouraging and positive environment.

Here at Totally Tumbling And Tricks, it's important all members of our team share the same vision, purpose and teaching philosophy.

At Totally Tumbling And Tricks we take very seriously the position and role we play for everyone in our community. We are committed to maintaining best practices in relation to hygiene standards and will always strive to make our environment safe, supportive, nurturing and joyous for our students. Our Covid19 Safe policies can be viewed here

Ages 2-6

Tiny tumbling & Mini Tumbling

Designed to improve coordination, develop gross motor skills while learning fundamental tumbling...

Ages 7+ Tumbling

Beginner to advanced

Develop tumbling skills such as handstands and cartwheels. For those who have already gained...


Suitable for age 7+

Learn how to safely become more flexible. The contortion class is available for students who are...

Hand Balancing

Suitable for age 7+

Learn the art of hand-balancing. Inside the class, students learn various balances which are all...

Boy's  Only

Suitable for age 7+

Run, jump and flip in our tumbling and parkour class just for boys. This high energy class will get them...

Adults classes

Beginner to advanced

Fun! Fun! Fun! This class is perfect if you have never tumbled or if you were the state champion back in the day. The...

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Get in Touch

Get in Touch

123 Auburn Street
Coniston Public School

ABN: 60 259 962 828

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