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The program covers assistant teaching skills such as behaviour management, different learning needs and styles, Safe Stretching Principles and Anatomy, to name just a few. These concepts are broken down to be taught in a sequential and age-appropriate way to children from ten or eleven years of age. Whether students are considering a career in dance teaching or otherwise, the DanceStep program is great preparation for many aspects of life.

With the inclusion of DanceStep at Totally Tumbling And Tricks, our young students have a framework where they can contribute to the community in a positive way. Past students of the DanceStep program have experienced increased levels of confidence and have learnt patience, empathy, communication skills and how to take initiative in different situations. 

As affiliate members of the DanceStep program, it is wonderful for us to be able to provide this opportunity for our students to flourish not only as young people but to also watch them grow into competent and confident leaders.

What our DanceSteppers say about DanceStep

What is your favourite thing about DanceStep at Totally Tumbling and Tricks? 

Angelica - “My favourite thing about DanceStep is teaching the kids fun tricks” 

Maliah - “I like doing the stretches and teaching stretches” 

Madison - “Getting to teach the young children and help them improve their skills” 


Amali - “I like teaching them new skills" 


What have you learnt while being a DanceStep student? 


Angelica - “I have learnt how to be patient and to care about my students” 


Madison - “I have learnt how to spot kids successful and learn new tricks” 


Maliah - “I have learnt that it’s harder teaching than you think” 


Amali - “I have become more confident and built more confidence” 


Do you recommend the DanceStep program? 


Angelica - “Yes, the DanceStep program is fun, you will enjoy it, you won’t want to miss a day of it and it is good helping kids develop new skills” 


Maddie - “Yes, I recommend dance step to everyone who does acro” 


Maliah - “Yes, definitely because it builds confidence and teaches you a life lesson” 


Amali - “ Yes, It is really fun and you can build confidence while having a lot of fun and learn new things”

From Miss Mikaela, 17 years

After being a member of the DanceStep program at Totally Tumbling and Tricks for the past 3 years, I have felt myself grow in leadership, communication and confidence. I have formed may new friendships with people of all ages. DanceStep has given me the chance to engage with students younger than me and develop my time management strategies that have really helped all other aspects of my life. All of the teachers that work with the DanceStep students are positive and inspiring role models that I aspire to follow and work towards. Their knowledge and support are encouraging and I feel privileged to be able to learn from such experienced teachers.


As a DanceStep assistant teacher, I have the opportunity to assist a teacher in a class once a week. Through this, I have been able to learn and develop many skills such as class management, spotting and communication. As DanceStep is a level system, I have been able to move up through the first three levels into more challenging classes. This has allowed me to grow as a teacher as I have been given the opportunity to understand how to teach different ages and abilities. As I finish my third year as a DanceStep student, I am eager to see what future skills I am able to work through and develop. 


I recommend the DanceStep program at Totally Tumbling and Tricks to anyone who is looking to build leadership, communication and management skills. 

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