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Here's a break down of how they work


Inside each of our classes are three coloured levels, green, aqua and silver. Green being the easiest level, then proceeds to aqua and silver. Each colour becomes progressively more challenging in the skills required for that class and also increases in strength skills and flexibility. Depending on their age, once all cards in their class are completed, they will move to the next level. 


The cards also consist of vital life skills in-line with our values of building skills for life, which they will require in everyday life right through to adulthood. 


Each goal card is laid out beautifully with a photo of each skill, a space to mark the competency and date achieved. After achieving each goal card's skills, students will receive a lovely A4 Certificate Of Completion with their name, ready to be framed at home. 


We are beyond excited to roll out these cards to our Totally Tumbling And Tricks students and see the progress the students make.

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