Terms And Conditions

Fees are charged on a term basis. Once enrolled, full term fees for all classes including private lessons will be invoiced to your account and must be paid prior to the due date.


A non-refundable membership will be added to the first invoice upon initial enrolment.


If full payment has not been received 7 days after due date, a $25 late fee will be automatically applied to your account. Removal of this fee will be at the discretion of the administration staff at Totally Tumbling And Tricks.  Restrictions may also be applied to students attending classes until payment is received.


Invoices can be paid online securely via your parent’s portal or, paid in cash and/or eftpos at reception.


There will be no classes during public holidays or school holidays unless advised otherwise. Term fees will be calculated to exclude both public and school holidays.


All active enrolments will automatically continue into each new term. Should you decide not to continue into a new term, written notification via email must be given by the end of the previous term.


No discounts of term fees will be provided for absences due to illness, family vacations, religious holidays, other dancing/sporting or family commitments, or the withdrawal from the class at any time once the student has commenced classes for that term. 


A pre-booked make-up lesson will be offered for use within the term for any written notifications given prior to the lesson/s that the student will not be attending.  No refunds will be given for any unattended classes should the student not continue with their classes and any unpaid term fees will still be required to be paid irrespective of the student not continuing with their classes.


Unpaid fees that require a debt collector will incur additional fees and charges to cover the costs of the Debt Collection Company.

Code Of Conduct

Totally Tumbling And Tricks maintains the right to dismiss or suspend any student who severely damages property, behaves in an unsafe manner either to themselves, other students or staff; or causes class disruptions.


Students must wear the Totally Tumbling And Tricks uniform or wear appropriate active wear whilst training.


Students and family members are to show respect towards our teachers and staff, our facility rules and follow instructions and regulations set forth by Totally Tumbling And Tricks.


All students, parents and visitors to the studio must refrain from any negativity towards our studio, other dance studios, the students, other parents or Totally Tumbling And Tricks teachers and staff including on social media.


Parents/guardians, friends/peers or other family members are not permitted into the studio during class time unless invited to do so by the teachers for a particular class or session.  This excludes our Tiny Tumbling program.


Parents/guardian must drop off and pick up from the studio’s front door and no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the class starting or 15 minutes after the class finishes. Totally Tumbling And Tricks takes no responsibility for any children dropped off in the carpark or outside of the studio. Children must wait inside for their parents/guardian to pick them up.


Please note that Totally Tumbling And Tricks discourages and takes no responsibility for the leaving of unattended children on the premises to wait for a family member or friend who is participating in one of our classes.


Totally Tumbling And Tricks takes no responsibility for any property that is left, misplaced or stolen while on the studio premises.


Choreography of all classes and performances remain the intellectual property of Totally Tumbling And Tricks and or our syllabus provider. Choreography must not be used without prior permission from the studio.


Anyone found not abiding our code of conduct will be at risk of having their membership terminated and no refund of fees will be given.

Privacy Policy

We recognise that your privacy is very important to you and that you have a right to control your personal information. We know that providing personal information is an act of trust and we take that seriously. 


We will not collect or monitor any personal information about you or your children without your consent. The personal information we collect is what you tell us about yourself. For example, when you create an account, we collect the details you enter to enable us to post or email information to you. Any medical details upon creating your account will be shared with the Totally Tumbling And Tricks staff members only. 

Child Protection Policy

Totally Tumbling And Tricks is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and their right to live free of abuse and neglect. (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child www.unicef.org)

At Totally Tumbling And Tricks we will uphold this goal in all its child-related activities.
The primary consideration in planning any activity for our students will be the importance of ensuring that Totally Tumbling And Tricks contributes to their well being and does not expose them to harm, including the risk of injury, sexual, physical or emotional abuse.

Money Back Guarantee

We’re proud to stand behind our studio, our teachers, our curriculum and 100% believe our classes are the very best. We want you to feel at ease so we’re willing to remove all the risk and any obstacles that may be standing in your way. We strongly believe that the training in our classes are the most engaging, educational and the best tumbling and acrobatic classes that money can buy. By following our curriculum, you are guaranteed a pathway where your child will learn skills and teamwork in a safe and friendly environment.

If, for some reason you find your child is not getting any results from our classes, let us know 30 days after your child's first class, and you’ll receive a full refund. Guaranteed.

Please note, this guarantee is conditional and based on your child's efforts in the classes. If you ask for your money back, you will be required to prove your child had attended and fully participated in each and every class upon the terms of enrolment within the 30 day period from their first class. This guarantee is for new students only upon the first initial invoice. Students must participate in all enrolled classes in their entirety for a 30 day period.

If you demonstrate that you attended each and every class in its entirety yet did not receive any positive outcome, we will happily refund you.

Referral Program

There are no limits to the number of new students you refer to our studio.
The offer applies to new students and only or students who have not been enrolled in classes for more than 12 months.
A referral card must be filled out. Referring students will be determined by the student's name on the card written on the card.
Once your referral enrols and pays for the term, then your DSP account will be credited $30 for the next term.