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Kindy - Year 1
Mini Tricksters

Step into a world of excitement and skill-building with our unique combination class that combines the best of tumbling and an aerial style. Each class is crafted to provide a comprehensive 1.5-hour experience, with 45 minutes dedicated to tumbling and another 45 minutes to the enchanting world of aerial skills.


Our Kindy-year 1 class is perfect for young learners to explore and develop their cognitive abilities while building essential strength, flexibility, and, most importantly, confidence. Within a warm and friendly environment, students master coordination skills like jumping, skipping, and hopping alongside fundamental tumbling skills such as forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. As they progress through the aerial component of the class, students are introduced to the captivating art of lyra, silks, and trapeze, allowing them to discover a world of moves.


With individualised progression at their own pace, our classes create a fun and encouraging atmosphere, making each session an enjoyable and enriching experience for every student. Join us to unleash your potential and embrace the joy of learning in this dynamic and fulfilling class.



Tumbling, Silk & Juggling 4-5:30pm


Tumbling, Lyra & Hula



Tumbling, Trapeze & Poi



Tumbling, Silk & Juggling 9-10:30am

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