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We strive to provide a Friendly, Fair and Creative work environment which respects diversity, new ideas and hard work.  At Totally Tumbling And Tricks, we pride ourselves that we provide a place where students of all ages can learn new skills safely whilst in an encouraging and positive environment. This also includes a learning programme for aspiring junior teachers through our Dance Step Programme.  This program provides students with numerous life skills whilst building on their confidence and communication skills with other students and adults.

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Our philosophy “Building Skills for Life” means that we want to inspire and encourage our students to strive to do their best while encouraging leadership and creative thinking, applauding kindness and empathy and encourage Self Awareness, Confidence & Resilience as they grow to be happy human beings.

Our Teaching Team are an important asset to our business as we believe our teachers are the heart of our studio. Therefore, their personal development and training are a top priority of ours and we do everything possible to ensure that this continues by investing in their training and with continued encouragement to challenge themselves to strive towards building on their strengths and improving on their weaknesses.


Our Administration Team are another important asset to us as they are the backbone of the business, providing that important contact with our clients and by performing the behind the scene work that mysteriously gets done.  Without them the business would not run, therefore we also support and invest in their training.

We believe in ensuring our staff members feel valued and respected by encouraging them to voice any concerns or ideas they may have regarding the running of our classes, workshops, future events and including the improvement of office practices.  We are community conscious and often support community events suggested by our staff.

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