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Tumbling And Acrobatics

The Tumbling workshop is filled with tumbling and acrobatic such as rolls, cartwheels, handstands, front and back walkovers, round offs, aerial skills, front and back handsprings and so much more. The workshop is suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced tumblers and acrobats.

Flexibility And Strength

Flexibility and strength are both equally important when wanting to achieve tumbling and acrobatic skills. This workshop educates the students in how to stretch correctly and what strengthen skills are needed to assist their tumbling

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for those who are interested in getting more assistance in their tumbling and/or technique. They are a great addition to group classes for those students who are wanting to work on a certain skill or if they are looking at enhancing their technique and/or building their confidence. 

It’s important to us that students understand and learn how to safely become more flexible. Our advanced flexibility & contortion workshop is available for students who are wanting to build a proper flexibility foundation, improve tightness or have stopped progressing in their flexibility. 


The workshop is NOT about forcing the flexibility but incorporates mobility into the stretches which are gentler and help release the body. As well as step by step proper progressions so students are not getting injured by pushing themselves in dangerous ways.


Be assured that we work very slowly on every stretch as we focus on correct body alignment and how to then transfer that to skills.


The students will see instant results and get inspired to keep working hard to increase their flexibility on their own.

Contortion_Flexibility Workshop.png

What to wear and bring

T-shirt, singlet or crop top and shorts, bike pants or tights.

Hair MUST be tied up and if it’s really long in a bun.

No jewellery (studs are fine), baggy clothes.

Drink bottle.

There is NO canteen and children will not be allowed to

leave the premises without a parent or guardian.

Need To Know

Please arrive15 minutes early so we can start on time. 

Parents wait outside the glass doors, due to not enough space inside our

studio for parents as well. 

No videoing or photography can be taken during this time due to the

privacy of some students.

Please read and sign the waiver form. No child will be able to participate

without a signed waiver. Waiver form 

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