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Tracy Cooper-Hampson has been involved in gymnastics for as long as she can remember and has now made a successful transition from student to teacher.


Having competed at state and national championships as well as invitationals up and down the east coast of Australia from the age of 6, Tracy is no stranger to gymnastics. After all, she has been around it for most of her life.


Tracy’s various titles, including placing first on all four apparatus and first overall competition 2003, in her ten year long competitive career taught her the dedication and commitment required to perform at an elite level.


Her boxes of trophies and ribbons and folders of newspaper clippings are testament to her achievements, feats she puts down to good mentors and teachers.


Following her successes on the floor and having gained qualifications through Gymnastics Australia and the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation , Tracy discovered her talent for teaching.

Tracy Cooper-Hampson

‘I have just found a real niche and passion for teaching. I can articulate body movement and explain it to my students better than I could to myself during my own time as a competitor.’


And she believes it is her keen eye for bodylines that sets her apart as a teacher.


‘There is a bodyline place for everything. Whether it is an arm line or a leg line, there is always that perfect angle of where the body should be at all times.


‘That was something that was never explained to me as a child and I am conscious of explaining that as a teacher because I have just found it so helpful and important.’


But it is the challenge of what Tracy can bring to her students that sparks her interest, as she works with individual and groups of dance students.


‘If a student wants me to do something that I haven’t done before, I make sure that I know all the bodylines before I walk into the studio. And I like that challenge of learning something new.’


Tracy believes that the boundaries between the disciplines are becoming blurred, and her experience in tumbling is now being sought by dance students who are increasingly using stunts such as throws in their routines. 


A major part of Tracy’s teaching is her willingness to teach a range of ability groups and ages.


‘I run the whole gamut. I’ve done pre-schoolers to adults.’


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Rachel Watson

Rachel started teaching at ‘Totally Tumbling and Tricks’ in 2017 shortly after joining the classes at the studio. She has always had a passion for dance and stretch. 

From an early age, she started stretch classes and gymnastics and then at age 7, she started dancing and has continued to enjoy the arts to this day. She has had classes in acrobatics, ballet/pointe, jazz, contemporary, modern and tap. She performed in ‘Southern Stars’, ‘Schools Spectacular’, ‘Dance Festival’, fetes, a retirement village and more. In 2013 Rachel was awarded an Arts ‘Youth Achievement Award’ and completed her ‘Duke of Ed’ award with components involving dance and volunteering. Rachel is currently studying ‘Nutrition and Dietetics’ at the University of Wollongong while teaching many of the tumbling students at the studio. She has gained level 1 and 2 tumbling qualifications over her time teaching.

Rachel loves helping students achieve new skills, enjoying fitness, seeing them improve and develop confidence. 

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