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As adults, we know how stressful life can be. The Fitmindzs for kids course will enable our students to learn tools to better cope with stress, anxiety and other life pressure as they head towards high school and adulthood. 


With the current pandemic, we as parents know that some of the recent changes have been stressful, such as changes to our jobs, wearing masks and our ability to visit family and the unpredictability of restrictions and lockdown etc. Fitmindz will teach our kids how to alleviate stress healthy and develop robust coping mechanisms that they will use forever. 


As our tween to teen kids start using social media, we know it can have some negative presence. With young influences constantly bombarding their news feeds with posts showing the 'perfect body', being 'perfectly happy' and trying to fit into a particular form can further their insecurities. This program will teach children how to reflect inwards and see what is really great about them. Learning these tools as a child will benefit them not only now and while growing into adulthood.

What are the benefits of enrolling in this course? 

Students learn about how to improve themselves and their wellbeing, learn about who they are, be kind to themselves, deal with anxiety and stress and become more resilient. 


How is it delivered? 

It will be delivered in a group setting


What does the course include? 

Positive Psychology: What it is and why it is important

Personal Development: Why it is essential to focus on growth

Health: Well-being Factors

Identity: Strengths, values and passion

Self Compassion: Being kind to yourself and the benefits of positive language

Individual Control: Accepting responsibility and managing emotions


How long does this course take?

Having a positive outlook on life takes practice. This program takes place over multiple years for your child to practice all the tools this program provides them with. They will graduate with all the tools they need to be a proactive, functioning adult. 


How do I enrol?

If you are interested in what this course has to offer, email us at

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